Tuesday, May 31, 2011



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           I was born there, and I visit several times a year, simply because I love it and miss almost every aspect of it. It is one of the very few places where I feel like I belong in some very small aspect in comparison to all places I've been too, which isn't really many.

          There are many things to do while in Chicago, but I prefer to stay near my favorite restaurant and the many flea markets. You can go downtown to visit several sites, the museums, the "reflective bean" and surrounding areas there, you can visit the beach, visit the Sears tower and go shopping at the many shopping destinations there accompanied by the higher tier food restaurants. On the outskirts of Chicago, and a bit past, you can visit many parks, several flea markets, visit Chinatown and visit my favorite restaurants. Most of this is accessible by metro or public bus transportation which I believe is pretty well priced.
         There are several other possibilities that you can do to keep yourself entertained with family, friends or by yourself such as:
Visit Navy Pier
Visit any local events such as comic conventions, Ford City Mall or any other mall, parades or even concerts.
(For sports fans: White Sox {U.S. Cellular Field} Stadium, Cubs Stadium {Wrigley Field}, and several other stadiums that you can visit, if you are in season that is.)
Visit Six Flags or go to the lake and attempt to get a hold of a boat temporarily or take a boat tour in downtown.

        Personally, I go there to visit family, friends and to simply relax, but there's always the occasion where flea markets and going to my favorite Hispanic restaurant (Ashland and 43rd, named Antonio something. Haha, I was just there a few days ago).

       Good luck to who ever goes, honestly it's a fun time and a good experience.

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  1. I've always wanted to visit bbut never got around to it

  2. gotta love chi. I like that you listed the Sox first, they're a real team lol.

  3. Would love to go to chicago, looks amazing