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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terraria (Now on steam and V. 1.0.2)

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Before this game came out, I saw it on Youtube channel/user "BlueXephos" [1] which at the time was at pre alpha I believe. They usually do reviews or simple commentaries over any new game on PC that seems fun to play, which they have done a great job with each game, but they only did one episode with Terraria. I later decided to watch the episodes/commentary from a guy name "PaperbatVG," [2] who is a hyper active commentator. He went on to do about 30 episodes over Terraria, which I watched a handful of and didn't want to spoil what I would later spend 30~40 hours in.

Time for a description:
"Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.
Grab your tools and go! You can do many things in Terraria: make weapons and fight off a variety of enemies in numerous biomes, dig deep underground to find accessories, money, and other useful things, gather wood, stone, ores, and other resources to create everything you need to make the world your own and defend it. Build a house, a fort, even a castle, and people will move in to live there and perhaps even sell you different wares to assist you on your journey. But beware, there are even more challenges awaiting you... Are you up to the task?" [3] - Terraria Wiki.

Well, I can't write a description of that manner or that interesting, but I can say it like this:
Terraria is a 2D mixture of the several great elements of the game called "Minecraft" [4] and feel of 2D 8 bit, more 16 bit, of old games, which is a breath of fresh air or air that's been cycled a few times through out atmosphere. Terraria consist of a wide variety of weapons including pick axes, hammers, wands, flails, guns and many more, with the ability to explorer the dungeon in each map and availability of having bosses and having different "leveled" monsters. The game has the aspect of which minecraft has been made famous for.. "building from scratch," one great feature that I'm more than glad they kept. In terraria you build houses and weapons using dirt, sand, mud, clay, wood, copper, iron, silver, gold and many more types of materials which are more than plenty considering that minecraft has just as many, but has been publicly available for over a span of a year and a half. Terraria also includes the ability to obtain NPCs over time and effort; each NPC has a unique feature in the game instead of having the same variety of NPCs like other games who hold the same outcome with different visuals.
I can't write great reviews, but I'm more than happy to say, it's worth the vary low price they have for it since I easily put 20 hours into it, before the my laptop was wiped clean, and 25 hours+ on my second character which I later added another 10~15 hours collecting almost every item in the game, which games today, lack the attachment I had with this game.
Retail console game : 60$ with 5 hour campaign possibly 1 day worth of online, besides the massive multi-player games.
Terraria : 9.99$ with 50~60 hours and several hours worth of watching others commentate on it; you can also play with your friends with multi-player, so include however many hours you would play on there. ) [1] ) [2] ) [3] ) [4]


  1. Terraria is taking the market by storm, it sold over 50,000 copies in just it's first day! I love the replayability it has.

  2. just got the game but sadly it will not run D: