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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've been gone for a pretty long time, but..

It's not really gotten too much better, but it's quiet relaxed at least. Better not to complain about the decent life I'm having right now rather than looking a gifted horse in the mouth.. Well, I have moved and everything is done with the other house, that was a major thing. I've still paying several fees which.. once again I've fallen behind on a bit because getting a job around these parts is getting practically impossible (I'm still trying, I wish there was something that I really enjoyed falling in my lap, but that's not realistic...) Well, on another note, I'm still wanting to become known in the Esports area, but I can't do much because I'm lacking consoles/games/gear.. and I really would spend money on getting all that again and getting a TV, yet.. I know I can't just spend money on things I really want to do over things I need to do... I don't want to be one of the people who complain that their income isn't enough when all they do is buy pure luxury... sigh...

It would be amazing to get help getting started once again... I know I'm good.. I know I can do well with others and I can do a lot of other things, but without anything, sponsors or any real income to help myself out.. I can't get anywhere.. anyways, dreams are just dreams, they may be a reality, one day, but if not.. it's okay..

I hope everyone is doing alright.. I may do a post here and there again just to vent or talk to myself/commentate to myself haha..