Friday, June 3, 2011

Nice Guys

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      This is a video I recently saw on the front page of youtube, but normally I would never click on a video like this (aka overly edited vlogger who only craves attention....)

     Anyways, what I'm trying to say with the video link is the fact that this is true for the most part in several situations, I won't deny the possibility that "nice guys" do eventually get lucky/what they deserved here and there, but chances are being "alpha" is more than likely going to succeed.

     I guess I understand why this is true, simply because I would prefer a wife (or husband in the females' eyes') to be more dominate/demanding in what she believes would be best for potential children. True, most people don't think of the other being the mother/father for their potential child the immediate second of meeting someone, but I do believe that instinct does have some role in deciding what we personally want for us in the future.

    I've been quoted to say, " I like women/girls/females that are overly nice, very obedient and likes to accept everyone for whatever their problem" or something of the very stereotypical manner of the perfect girlfriend, but the types of relationships I've always had started in me choosing or being chosen by girls who are "very rude/demanding.." Personally, I never noticed nor care much, but I guess, maybe I'm trying to give myself reason to why I choose them... the way I see it, if it continues and things were to progress between "us" that I would be having my wife actually be able to stand right next to my child as an "alpha mother" rather than a "beta/meek mother.."
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