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Friday, June 17, 2011

Google Chrome Instant.

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Well, this post was supposed to be up yesterday, but the point is that it's up now.

Google chrome keeps trying to put out new things to helps us out in any small way or big way possible and this time, I guess they shaved off a few seconds from their already preset record.

Google Chrome Instant grants the ability to pre-load pages before clicking on them which theoretically would save time. Personally, I assume they are going to pre-load the first link and possibly the second just from mire speculation. I mean, I rarely browse the other links they load, so it would be safest for the to do that. From the video the time saved from loading all icons was about 5~7 seconds with some deviation, I'll assume 1 something, is saved because all ads and icons are loaded/loading as you type or move your mouse to the actual website hot link.

Strange thing is, would it technically count as an impression or a site view if Google views the site and you don't actually click it?

Anyways, personally, I won't be using it since I actually use SRWare Iron rather than the actual Google Chrome for some bizzare reason.. haha.. ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ]


  1. wow that is amazingly fast! +1 follower!

  2. Now I think my browser is slower. :)


  3. Using chrome just got a bit better, nice!

  4. I'm considering switching to chrome lol +1

  5. I don't know how it can be any faster if it preloaded every link instead of just the first few, interesting concept though.

  6. This makes me want to switch to chrome, but I love firefox!

  7. Thats an interesting concept, never really thought of having browser based preloading. Sigh another reason i should really be on Chrome.

  8. Using Chrome Instant right now actually, saves a fair amount of time, the seconds add up I guess haha

  9. Anyone else have the feeling that chrome just kinda reads your mind, i know my typing skills have suffered from auto fills and "i feel lucky's"

  10. Preloading isn't new, but google does it right. Other browsers like Firefox have plugins or options to enable preloading, but these are procedural and usually stick to the same domain.

    I can only assume google chrome is smart about it. But I have to wonder, what about images, videos, and advertisements?

    I guess if it only downloads them, and doesn't render them, all would be well.