Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Friendly Thanks and "just commentary."

[ Listening to: Exquisite Corpse (full album) by Warpaint ]
These passed few weeks, I've been looking for new bands or just music in general to listen to which isn't a group that I've already listened to 24/7.

I've tried to go back to music that I listened to when I was little or grew up with, The clash, The Smiths, Blink 182, sum 41, five Iron Frenzy, A fine Frenzy and others of the manner... and I guess I've not really found anything new that would compare to the love for music I had back then. It's rather a disappointment over. Possibly I'm not searching the highest mountains nor the lowest of depths, but I try to look around and hope to find something new or something I've yet to hear. Which I guess that makes today slightly different in the music sense to me.

I found a blog by accident or just going through people's comment and it's the blog of a girl named "Faun." [1] She suggests "new/uprising indie groups" which, normally I would overlook since it's more bad in ratio of good/bad, but I went through a few and found a gem named "Warpaint." [2] I have only listened to a few, but I think I am starting to get one of the bands I'm going to listen to during the clear night skies to or during road trips.

Regardless, Warpaint is composed of female artist that slightly remind me of "A Fine Frenzy" [3] and slightly of "Gregory And The hawk," but with a psychedelic feel... which is rather nice to hear since it's been a genre/feel that I haven't looked into much.

I just give her thanks for a new find, check her blogs out and see if you find something you would like.
I know I did. )[1] ) [2] ) [3] ) [4]


  1. Cheers for the link to the blog, I've been in the same situation at that music she posted was actually pretty cool.
    By the way I've still been listening to Sum 41 quite a bit lately mainly because I saw them when they were here down under at the start of the year

  2. Oh, wow. I actually wanted to see Sum 41 live as well as several other bands, but I just never got the time and I live in Indiana. Which I'm sure you can see that there aren't many places in Indiana that can be considered an attraction... haha...

  3. Soo with you on the good/ bad ratio for new indie music. There are a lot of undiscovered goodies that are hard to find sifting through it all. Warpaint is pretty good, I'm looking into them a bit. I saw blink live in like 2001 or something like that, it was such an awesome show. Nice post, thanks.