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Monday, June 20, 2011

League of Legends

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Not much to talk about today...
I've not really done anything, it's only 10am though.

I guess, I'll keep the post simple today.
(Sorry, I didn't see an embed code and I didn't want to create a duplicate code extraction from the actual site, seemed like it wouldn't work to some degree and my HTML reading skills are slightly out of practice.)

I woke up (no breakfast) to my alarm on my cell that was ringing at the wrong time and I haven't been able to sleep for some bizzare reason.. I also woke up to it raining and hearing my laptop crashing, I'm wondering how long it was crashed for still.... Just bored, I guess.

Oh, if someone feels like making suggestions of anything they feel like hearing about, that would be nice to hear, if not, that's fine as well.
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  1. Same here, bored as hell
    keep it up!

  2. Nice post? NICE POST!?! More like the greatest post ever posted.


  3. I haven't played LoL in about 6 months, I would like to hear about what the current class balance issues are. When I stopped playing, they had buffed many of the tanking classes so that they became very powerful.

    Especially Pantheon and Udyr.

    What have they done since then? Who is the 'overpowered' hero nowadays?

  4. Hope you sort your sleep out, it's important.