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Thursday, June 23, 2011

League of Legends request / OC? =3=

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I know I asked for request and this being one of the only ones I got.. xD Not trying to weasel my way out of it like I just want attention or something... Idk.. but.. I only have played for a month or three weeks, and I don't want to say I'm amazing or better than most, but I'm pretty decent. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you would like more information of this, I can't do much to inform you, but I know a guy that does an excellent job on keeping tabs on League of Legends and talks about the newest and possibly soon to come stuff, so I would suggest you check him out if you're really interested in it.
Add me if you would like to play, I'm level 14 and I mostly only play Ashe as I main support and C.arrow like a champ especially spawn C.arrows (even though most people just say Arrow, but I like the term C.arrow for her ulti.)
Please support him if you like what he post, which honestly, I say he has some grade A material compared to most and he does a damn well job for keeping up with his post and the detail is pretty nice.


Original Content, oh gosh, I'm trying to aim for two post in one because I wasn't on yesterday, xD I was busy getting my life together.


.___.; Wow, I can't think of anything.
OC comics? .___.; I'm not really funny...
OC blogs? .___.; I'm trying... well, slightly more with my other blog...
OC videos? .___.; My camera doesn't want to work with my laptop and my Duo Card doesn't want to work
OC D: I don't know what to do about that.....

.___.; I'll figure something you, I'll assure you...
o.O Video games/real life commentary from videos....? maybe? .___.; emoticon spam.... anyways..

I'll think of something and I'll do my best to keep up with everyone's post in the meanwhile. alright?

Keep it classy people! ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ]
(I would embed the second link, but it cuts off 40 minutes of the set list I believe, P.S. it's a 1:59:00 set list )

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another day of a not so brilliant bost.. XD

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There's not much to say about this, haha...
Simply that two days ago there was a "Where's Wally" Guinness world record break of having so many wally's in one area. Oh, and Waldo is the name is used for the U.S. version of "Where's Wally(Waldo)" and Wally for other countries.

If anyone has suggestions for what you may be interested in, that would be great of you guys to post asking if you want something in particular, but if not, that's fine. :3 Just curious to other's opinions. ) [ 1 ]

Monday, June 20, 2011

League of Legends

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Not much to talk about today...
I've not really done anything, it's only 10am though.

I guess, I'll keep the post simple today.
(Sorry, I didn't see an embed code and I didn't want to create a duplicate code extraction from the actual site, seemed like it wouldn't work to some degree and my HTML reading skills are slightly out of practice.)

I woke up (no breakfast) to my alarm on my cell that was ringing at the wrong time and I haven't been able to sleep for some bizzare reason.. I also woke up to it raining and hearing my laptop crashing, I'm wondering how long it was crashed for still.... Just bored, I guess.

Oh, if someone feels like making suggestions of anything they feel like hearing about, that would be nice to hear, if not, that's fine as well.
Same goes with my other Blog [3] )[ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ 3 ]

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alice('s): Madness and Alice: Madness Returns

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Firstly, I'm not too familiar with the entire series nor know about every little detail myself, but from what I casually glanced at, it has caught my interest.

Almost everyone knows about the series of "Alice In Wonderland" and possibly have seen the film or read the book when we younger. He was filled with several interesting concepts and rather peculiar drawing styles; It had  a unique way of play on words or elaborate wordplay. Well, in all the original story (the Disney aired one, not the very original one) was what I grew up with and it presented a brilliant concept in a more friendly style, which should be for children rather than the very first Alice, but I would suggest it for people now.

In rough, the story is about a girl who had memories about living in a place named "Wonderland." This world was her home away from home, but as people see it now, the way away from home, is sometimes better our actual home. Well, in this self created memory, she uses things that have happened in her life and those small things impact her Wonderland. We all grasp the concept of the importance of time and it's significance in the role of a dream or memory: time flies, time exist, but in all, it doesn't play a role in self created memories nor in dreams. Another example, of "real life experiences" affecting her dreams...
Well, let me put it like this real quick.
Dreams is the idea presented by Disney's Alice.
Memories are what the original author and the American McGee's Alice lives off of.
Disney's being more comprehensive to younger viewers and the original and followers are for those who view things as more realistic.

Back to what I was saying...
Another example, of "real life experiences" affecting her dreams/memories was the figure of the rabbit or white animals or variations/reincarnations of white. The color white usually has the connotation of "savior" or "leads the way to enlightenment." In all forms of Alice, the rabbit and white figures all guide her to her next location of where she should be, which I guess is very straightforward.

The thing with McGee's, and the original and the movie that came out not long ago, have followed more of the realistic thing because it's not always cheerful and the actual thought of a memory. A memory has more of an impact on us both physically and mentally, which is rather impressive, but the issue of  "not socially acceptable" is brought out in all the three, technically four.
Let's take for example Alice McGee's current version of Alice: Madness Returns, the beginning starts with a quick narration of her being in a "house for the inept and insane" which everyone knows, that Alice was depicted as someone who had a double life which impacted her normal life, for the better. The thing in Madness Returns, she is there because she lost her family and her house in a fire and people believed that she suffered severe issues and was being needed to be locked up. With locking her up, her once Wonderland was now corrupted with the terrible past and her current depression. Which I guess, you can call it the Alternative Reality to Wonderland where there is more bad than good to her once Wonderland, the Wonderland most grew up with.

Which I guess, is a quick and rough explanation of the series, I can explain more, if you guys would like, but here's a videos to game play to McGee's versions of Alice, which personally is pretty good.

The very top video (1) is a play through (the first part of a commentator's run-through) of the first game of American McGee's Alice, I believe on Playstation and PC?
The second video (3) is a trailer to the second installment of American McGee's Alice.
The third video (4) is the first episode of the actual game by my favorite commentator channel, The Yogscast [ 5 ].

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


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Do you feel like listening to music, but actually being able to choose what you want to listen without monthly cost, over-sized ads on every corner and/or annoying survery's or signups?

:l No... but seriously..

About 4 years ago, 2007?, I remember being in school and never being able to use any website to listen to music because of barracuda (filtering software) and there would be some days where I would stay a little after with my mother (who taught ESL classes in another building that still belonged to my school) and I would play games online there. Well, I eventually got tired because in game music sometimes gets very boring and so I decided to do a hunt for a site that allowed me to listen to music, found millions. The issue was, I couldn't choose all the music from one artist, I would have to listen to music from one band and then a random one, sometimes without a connection in the slightest to the one prior to it.
So after a few days of looking, I came across Grooveshark (back then, it was called Listen.Grooveshark , to me at least, until they change the URL to simply Grooveshark).

Well, hail Mary, this was what I exactly wanted:
I could listen to full CD's no monthly charges and at no cost. ;)
I could even listen to CD's before they were out.
I could randomize it if I wanted to.
I could browse people and genres I never even heard of.
And, back then, my playlist would always save without requirement of making an account, even though that isn't a real hassle.

Anyways, over the years, the added Themes (which at the moment, I personally like the Deadmau5 one that strobes? I guess.) ability to listen to music anywhere you want to via phone or anything (if you pay for that, which is now rather ridiculously expensive, but fully worth it since you would paying more for one CD rather than unlimited usage of millions of songs for less than that.) and several other things.

Personally, I still like it better than Last.FM and Pandora, hopefully they get it on the Xbox 360, PS3 and/or Wii and hell, the usage would be out of the roof and I think last.FM would almost go down under.

Anyways, that's enough. I like the site, check it out if you're tired of using youtube to listen to music.
;) Or for those who know.... "" to listen to the same song without clicking it. ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ X ] The actual site ) [ X ] random information if you're interested in them.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Google Chrome Instant.

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Well, this post was supposed to be up yesterday, but the point is that it's up now.

Google chrome keeps trying to put out new things to helps us out in any small way or big way possible and this time, I guess they shaved off a few seconds from their already preset record.

Google Chrome Instant grants the ability to pre-load pages before clicking on them which theoretically would save time. Personally, I assume they are going to pre-load the first link and possibly the second just from mire speculation. I mean, I rarely browse the other links they load, so it would be safest for the to do that. From the video the time saved from loading all icons was about 5~7 seconds with some deviation, I'll assume 1 something, is saved because all ads and icons are loaded/loading as you type or move your mouse to the actual website hot link.

Strange thing is, would it technically count as an impression or a site view if Google views the site and you don't actually click it?

Anyways, personally, I won't be using it since I actually use SRWare Iron rather than the actual Google Chrome for some bizzare reason.. haha.. ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A conversation my Mom and I were having. . . (And A Long Rant, I guess)

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Normally we don't ever talk because we are busy with our own lives, but weren't doing anything so we decided to talk.
This is what was said (nothing, too serious, just a thought)
(I wrote about it a day or two ago, as a status, then I realized it was too long, so I saved it hoping I would finish):

Just had a 2 and a half hour discussion with my mom about what things would be like if Google actually had a hand in controlling our daily lives rather than the government.

Main point:
If you did a service to help others live, then you should get a service that should help you live. = Google
Do a service, get money back and be able to pay 3/4th of what you need and 1/4 go to someone who doesn't deserve it and go into debt and live knowing that someone else is staying alive with money they didn't earn nor deserve is happily taking advantage of you working for the cost of 2 people while on living for a half or 3/4 of what an "actual average life" should be like. = The U.S. Government

Which do you prefer?

You do for others what's necessary to live while those who do nothing (including slightly myself, for now), but pawn off of those without doing any service.
Service for service = The life you truly earn
The U.S. Government (and several others/all others):
You work to receive a payment that would later lose 15% on taxes that would maybe go to those people who lie to get welfare and other misc. things that aren't needed since they do not deserve. While at the same time, paying for your life and possible children with less money than what you need, while the government prints off money without a care in the world.
Example: The 1 trillion dollar bailout to companies we do not truly need to exist.
The trillion dollars practically came out of nowhere.

A story my mother shared with me was:
Years ago, she was in a bit of a problem, she was a bit short on cash from her teaching job and she needed some to get us by when we were all about 9~13 years old, my siblings and I). One of the things, she believed, was that preferably she is going to try to cut out what she needed to give to us - it didn't work. She would try to use up what change she had around to see if she can make the bill. She was going to be short on other payments - etc etc. She decided to go to the local "Workone" office, I believe, may be another, but she went there to ask for help from welfare. She asked for assistance and she "only" asked for 250, I believe. They asked her for paperwork that took a few days to process and a few hours to even put together to explain our situation. Almost a week later and a few days before the rush of bills, she received a check from the mail for less than 200 (180 if I recall her telling me) and that they explained to her that the situation wasn't reasonable enough. She took out a small loan from a friend (or bank, I don't recall) to pay off the rest of the bill.
When I heard her explain that, I was wondering why she didn't get the 250?:
Headstart teacher (Kind of a fundamental step in a child's education) making 23,000$ or so a year, at least now and the occasional side job to tie down what the 23K couldn't.
4 Children who were 9~11 years old with a father who wasn't there nor paying his child support (that wasn't an issue, just thought to point it out that there's no income besides her 23K, house cleaning and ESL {English As A Second Language})
We weren't living on much, aka no cable, no internet, no dishwasher, but phone service in a two room apartment and occasionally letting us go to a daycare since she needed to work as a teacher in ESL in the afternoon.
So you see that there is some logic, at least I think there is, to why she should have gotten it.
A reasonable job, more necessary than others, but she couldn't get the amount she wanted, alright fine. I understand, the government couldn't help our situation. Ironic, there are several people in this not so great town that live off welfare.

I'm not pointing fingers at those with reason, but I know a guy, no names, who got 400$ for being "slightly blind" (he could still see quite well...) from the government, he also had some sort of "mental problem," but I've known him for years and he doesn't have any real issue and got 200$+ a month for that and another issue and was given money from the government for that. On top of his job at a local movie theater that got him 150 a week? (19 hour weeks or something...)
No children, near the age of 18~20 and one day, he requested assistance from the workone office, I talked about earlier, so that he could pay he car bill/ticket because he got pulled over for going to a concert or something.
He asked for 300~400, something like reckless driving, speeding and a violation or something.
He got 440, the next day aka more than what he even asked for.

So personally this is where I kind of wished google were to use the sources they have, if they have them aka dream thinking/wishing, and actually do something.

Overthrow the U.S, great! Go for it.
People like my mother who have legit enough reason to ask for 250 so that she could help her children and not get that while some guy who doesn't do an important job nor has children gets more than what he asked AND got it with almost no paperwork.
I guess what I'm trying to say she is trying to help people in my community while helping herself.
Headstart crucial step in helping children, depends on who's perspective.
ESL, she helps non-speaking English adults to learn English so that they can perform in this society.
Cleaned houses for others for a minimum wage.
4 Children, no father because he divorced her.
She gets less than what she asks for.
Movie theater employee lives a decent portion of his life off of the government for things he can easily put up with and then he talks about a problem, I've yet to see once in the last few years, but he gets more than what he asks for the government.
Oh and the fact that he gets about 1~2K back from taxes, while my mother gets 50~400$ back or she would owe some back.

Anyways: this is how I view it:
If you're a doctor, then you should be treated to live the life of a doctor.
Sit on your ass all day and go to work for a movie theater to serve popcorn and stand around while everyone is inside, then you should get to live the life of just that.
Basically, in the far back of my mind, I do want to believe google were to do something in a few years because we are basically putting in all the information we have into them.
Personally, I don't see a problem, yes, we do lose our privacy, but at the same time, we are practically losing it already.
Most people don't even have money in the bank, let alone anything in their house, so what do they have to lose.
Rich people who have more than plenty for being a football star or the biggest/newest rapper who puts out mostly bad music making millions well, hell you can gtfo with what you have, go to another country if you don't like getting back for the "service" you do.
I'm not saying music is bad and personally I do believe we need music, but to live like a king or three while there are doctors working overtime to make scratch compared to the work they are doing to save lives. I think there's unbalancement.
Service for service.
Not service for money that will only pay for the life of a half of a person.
What I even mean by that?
That person I was talking about earlier, gets his money from taxes that were taken out of my mother's actual job's check not out of thin air.
We pay for others to live, but the government can do a Trillion dollar bailout for car companies who personally don't help us and better yet to think.
Government turned around, looked on floor and saw a suit case filled with one trillion dollars "just in case" cause we casually have it laying around because we are in debt and "We are the Government and we can make money whenever we want."

Another reason to believe Google could take over and sustain us for a bit and hell we could try to help back.
Google is used everywhere, all over the world.
We confide in Google, already, whenever we have a question and that we can't go tell other people. Basically we trust Google with our personal lives.
Google has been creating things to make things easier in our lives, hell, we get Google kind of free and we get Youtube, kind of free.
Google has been trying to get adsense working for people who want to try without an arm or a leg, but free.
So you can say Google supports the real average person and not statistics.
Google has created their own, TV, phone?, random products, coming out with a Google Chrome OS and some people live their lives off Google's Adsense and etc etc.
Personally, I've learned more using Google than government-run schooling.
Personally, I've trusted Google more to ask about personal questions compared to my "teachers or doctor's, to some realistic extent."
Personally, I'm even trying to work out something and hope for a good shot using blogspot and adsense, both run by Google, to do something to help me get by in my days.
I don't have much besides basics, which is fine, but occasionally other things would be nice, like a way to pay the two tickets I was given for an unjust reason that weren't/couldn't be overturned. <__< Damn cops making up reasons to meet their quota.

I mean, seriously,
Have Google and people, like us, try to do something for a change in our government or do we sit around and watch our government (U.S.) send more troops to other countries to die for a reason that isn't plausible.
I mean, if we stop living off of money and start living off of "do service and get treated human" or "do a service and get money and live the life of half a person while you pay for someone else to live their's?"

Ideas Ideas, she and I eventually explained more, here and there, in detail.
Obviously, you see why I'm for "My Google Dream," but the most important point she made in saying I should just drop it was this:
Sadly, that would be a great lifestyle to live in, I know I really need it, but the government is here and they help with what they can. Dreams aren't great, dreams help you get through the day, but you have to remember, you can eat a dream and be full, dreaming doesn't pay in the country. Sorry.

I agreed, obviously, but I knew I wished things were different, but hey..

One thing I know is this,
When the government isn't for the people anymore, we must try to overturn the government in some way to make it, once-again, "the people's government."

To believe these ideas are crazy, I would have to agree, but I do recall they called the man who thought the world was actually a sphere/globe and not flat, was crazy.

Well, you guys, let's do something and prove that we do need a new government, I'm not saying do anything extremely rash, but we need to live life a bit better rather than live in a country that we have been losing for the past 100 years, especially these last 20. ) [ 1 ]

Listen to their full album here, amazingly their myspace still has all their songs, while other sites don't. ) [ 2 ]

Monday, June 13, 2011

: / I haven't been on here in a while

[ Listening to: For Lack Of A Better Name (full album) by Deadmau5 ] [ 1 ]
So there's a after and before photo of what happened to my screen, which I guess the green screen should go second, but it doesn't matter, for now.

Well, one day, being the ninja I am, I decided to try to juggle my power cord, a piece of watermelon, my laptop, a phone and a book, well, I can say I dropped the phone on purpose, that was fine and next thing you know, I accidently dropped my laptop, which you see what happened. It took a while to get it fixed after trial and error of handling my laptop. I was kind of devastated about what happened since I'm online almost everyday for a few hours, pretty sad, but I like learning and viewing Youtube. [ 2 ]

I guess, I can now go back to posting, more often. ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ]

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Just Had A Strange Dream.

[ Listening to: Deadmau5 Ustream Live 9-15-2010 ]

This is the only thing I'm going to write about for now.

What a strange thing to say:
"Dammit, I can't believe people from 1949 exist and whenever they exist they are already dead, but when I'm talking to them, I'm the only one who sees them or hears them. That man's father and the little kid are real right?"
And someone responded with:
"what man are you talking about? The kid's father? He's been dead several years ago, but that kid just talks to himself, but he says he sees his father.. we don't.."

Which, I'm for some reason, that seems really important:
Another thing I saw in my dream, was when I opened my bi-fold wallet, I looked in there and I saw a 20, a 10 and a 5, but a thing about dreams is that you aren't supposed to be able to see proper text or anything in them. I mean, unless that rule doesn't apply to numbers?

I just needed to post this somewhere.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nice Guys

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      This is a video I recently saw on the front page of youtube, but normally I would never click on a video like this (aka overly edited vlogger who only craves attention....)

     Anyways, what I'm trying to say with the video link is the fact that this is true for the most part in several situations, I won't deny the possibility that "nice guys" do eventually get lucky/what they deserved here and there, but chances are being "alpha" is more than likely going to succeed.

     I guess I understand why this is true, simply because I would prefer a wife (or husband in the females' eyes') to be more dominate/demanding in what she believes would be best for potential children. True, most people don't think of the other being the mother/father for their potential child the immediate second of meeting someone, but I do believe that instinct does have some role in deciding what we personally want for us in the future.

    I've been quoted to say, " I like women/girls/females that are overly nice, very obedient and likes to accept everyone for whatever their problem" or something of the very stereotypical manner of the perfect girlfriend, but the types of relationships I've always had started in me choosing or being chosen by girls who are "very rude/demanding.." Personally, I never noticed nor care much, but I guess, maybe I'm trying to give myself reason to why I choose them... the way I see it, if it continues and things were to progress between "us" that I would be having my wife actually be able to stand right next to my child as an "alpha mother" rather than a "beta/meek mother.."
   I don't know... Just (some) commentary. ) [ 1 ]