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Saturday, June 18, 2011


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Do you feel like listening to music, but actually being able to choose what you want to listen without monthly cost, over-sized ads on every corner and/or annoying survery's or signups?

:l No... but seriously..

About 4 years ago, 2007?, I remember being in school and never being able to use any website to listen to music because of barracuda (filtering software) and there would be some days where I would stay a little after with my mother (who taught ESL classes in another building that still belonged to my school) and I would play games online there. Well, I eventually got tired because in game music sometimes gets very boring and so I decided to do a hunt for a site that allowed me to listen to music, found millions. The issue was, I couldn't choose all the music from one artist, I would have to listen to music from one band and then a random one, sometimes without a connection in the slightest to the one prior to it.
So after a few days of looking, I came across Grooveshark (back then, it was called Listen.Grooveshark , to me at least, until they change the URL to simply Grooveshark).

Well, hail Mary, this was what I exactly wanted:
I could listen to full CD's no monthly charges and at no cost. ;)
I could even listen to CD's before they were out.
I could randomize it if I wanted to.
I could browse people and genres I never even heard of.
And, back then, my playlist would always save without requirement of making an account, even though that isn't a real hassle.

Anyways, over the years, the added Themes (which at the moment, I personally like the Deadmau5 one that strobes? I guess.) ability to listen to music anywhere you want to via phone or anything (if you pay for that, which is now rather ridiculously expensive, but fully worth it since you would paying more for one CD rather than unlimited usage of millions of songs for less than that.) and several other things.

Personally, I still like it better than Last.FM and Pandora, hopefully they get it on the Xbox 360, PS3 and/or Wii and hell, the usage would be out of the roof and I think last.FM would almost go down under.

Anyways, that's enough. I like the site, check it out if you're tired of using youtube to listen to music.
;) Or for those who know.... "" to listen to the same song without clicking it. ) [ 1 ] ) [ 2 ] ) [ X ] The actual site ) [ X ] random information if you're interested in them.


  1. More than Pandora? I'll have to try it out. But I've been very satisfied with Pan since I've been using their services.

  2. @Mario... XD I recall an ex and several people in my town creating playlist with songs and I would be in complete depression because of it.. haha..

    Yeah, Pandora is good and all, but I started using Grooveshark first, but it's changed over time.
    Still alright though.

  3. Nice post. What is the craze about lastfm, ive never used it. Is it like an online spotify or something??

  4. @some guy
    Idk, I guess the point of it is that you can use one song/band to be your basic point and then lastfm searches similar bands like them and yeah.

    Idk, personally I don't like it.. and ads occur every 3 songs on 360...

  5. After using Pan alot over the last few years, i'm kinda sad i never stumbled across this. most my stations on pan are so mixed up and backwards these days i get cover bands and bad recordings. thanks for sharing

  6. Huh, surprised I haven't heard of this. Thanks for sharing!

    I really like being able to build the playlist, and the interface is quite intuitive.

    As always, I look forward to future posts!

  7. News to me, and here I've been using Pandora for the last few years, shame on me.

  8. Can't believe I have never heard of this.

  9. I love groove shark, I was once a pandora user as well but made the switch. We often have lots of people over for parties, and GS is perfect for it. If someone wants to play a particular song they can add it like a jukebox, people love it. Nice post