Friday, May 27, 2011

YouTube - Design the next deadmau5 head with Talenthouse

DEFINITELY had to put up a post about this, preferably you can find more information on his site [1] or at the Talenthouse site [1] at a later time, but I think all of it is mostly out there.

Anyways, this is what I've understood things as:
1: Design a mau5 Head based off the templates that gave you on the site (using photo shop or any other paint program within reasonable design ability [aka NOT PAINT Trolol. ])
2: Submit and then wait for judging if you are one of the top entries and wait for a response to see if you get a prize.

Anyways, the prizes are 2 VIP passes to a show in L.A. while having your transportation and hotel paid for you and your guest; you also get to see where the helm you design during the show, I believe.
The other prize are a total of 5 (separate)VIP pass(es) to the closest Deadmau5 concert and the other prizes are artwork(s) signed by Deadmau5.

Anyways, I need to think of something to design.. haha, I know I would f***ing love the Grand Prize.


  1. Thanks!
    I'm a big fan of him and would also love to win the prize ;D

  2. I don't much listen to his mucis but I'm not saying that it wouldn't be an awesome opportunity and a great memory.